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Coats and jackets

Innovative shapes on iconic and feminine garments to complete your outfit flawlessy.

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  1. paisley jacquard kimono
    As low as €378.00
  2. zebra long coat
    As low as €488.00
  3. pink animalier jacket in wool
    As low as €500.00
  4. wool jacket with animalier pockets
    As low as €510.00
  5. coat with fringes and belt
    As low as €545.00
  6. gobelin jacket
    As low as €479.00
  7. light coat with fringes
    As low as €510.00
  8. forest green single-breasted blazer
    As low as €300.00
  9. double-breasted blazer with visible buttons
    As low as €325.00
  10. marble pyjama shirt
    As low as €384.00
  11. fatchwork foulard pyjama shirt
    As low as €398.00
  12. pink pyjama shirt in velvet
    As low as €320.00

12 Items

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The collection of jackets and coats is full of iconic garments, perfect for every occasion: jackets with an athleisure style for ready-to-wear outfits, tailored blazers, light trench and dust coats in a mix and match of colours for casual moments, elegant coats for special occasions, colourful kimonos for everyday wear. This outerwear collection is the new guiding light of essential elegance, where a cutting-edge mood is combined with the high quality of precious and researched materials, crafted by the artisanal know-how of the Made in Italy tradition.