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Dresses and jumpsuits

Voluminous, fluid shapes that envelop the silhouette in a vortex of carefree femininity.

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  1. marble midi dress in crepon
    As low as €367.00
  2. patchwork foulard chemise dress
    As low as €429.00
  3. polo dress with pleated skirt
    As low as €364.00
  4. acquarama long dress
    As low as €390.00

4 Items

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The new collection is enriched with a colourful selection of clothes and jumpsuits with innovative design. Colourful patterns and exclusive motifs are created in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours; dynamic lines and plays of volumes give movement and enhance the silhouette in a triumph of floral and sequin patterns, vertical stripes and checks, pleats, maxi chevron print and jacquard motifs. Long dresses with voluminous, flared skirts, colour block dresses for evenings or more relaxed occasions, pleated fabrics, fabrics embellished with a cascade of sequins, kimonos in the most eye-catching nuances, sophisticated jumpsuits with a revolutionary design for any occasion.