As a seasonal transition, Sfizio offers the minimalism of black and white paired with a young and dynamic atmosphere. An explosion of prints and fun applications influences conceptual outfits and flowing, monochromatic silhouettes. Patches of floral and geometric prints create unstructured mid-length and suits that, together with maxi embroidered lettering, bring this corner to have an allure of lightness and colour. Pleated dresses are given a young feel, using stretch technical fabrics printed with coloured checks. Knitwear coordinates with the mood with merino pullovers with floral inlays and the "new basic" in stretch viscose with plays on full-colour stripes.

From here, Country Calling enters into the heart of its expression, offering a delicate corner in shades of camel, pink and black. ‘Chemisier’ dresses and shirts with contrasting fringe create a perfect match with the pleated maxi and Texan ankle boots, which offer an appealing and gritty feeling to the looks. Winter warms up with a cream teddy bear bomber that embraces the silhouettes and colours of the corner with its softness along with jacquard animal print sweaters, macro-check in brushed mohair and cashmere blend pullover with a horse inlay and gradient dye.

The autumn and country allure then fades into other nuances: woollen tartan, cloth coats and regimental stripes are coloured with bright blue. Men's clothes and fabrics are included and transformed into casual and young looks with the introduction of conversation microprints. Laminated vinyl garments reinforce the corners lending the possibility to create innovative looks: pleated skirts, cargo shirts, trench coats and mini-skirts are the must-have items to mix with colour-block knitwear with English-ribbed trousers and merino pullovers with tartan fabric inserts.

Black and white gingham introduces dynamic and timeless garments such as the trench coat with contrasting back and voluminous trousers with a laced peplum. The elegance of white has hints of silver, with the application of layers that run along the entire length of the belt of the unlined jacket, and voluminous and flowing high-waist trousers.

Cobalt, cream and brown are interpreted in different fabrics that give life to a corner that makes a strong, material impact. Bold textures such as floral velvet, flowing viscose and iridescent sequins bring new and trendy offerings such as the 60s miniskirt, maxi bomber and shirt with contrasting yoke. This world is tied together by winter garments in colour, such as cobalt down jackets, two-tone Norwegian striped pullovers in brushed mohair and oversized cardigans and sweaters.