M E T A M O R P H O S I S // SS20 ­

M E T A M O R P H O S I S // SS 20 ­

Evolving, changing, and improving are processes that have always been part of mankind and nature, and it is this dynamism and continuous movement that inspires the new identity of Sfizio.

The essence and values of the brand remain unchanged, but a twist is given to the image and the product; it will increasingly lean towards the needs of an audience with a youthful, spontaneous attitude that is prone to change.

The evolution of the brand will also affect eco-sustainability. From this season, all cotton garments will be BCI certified and made in a 100% ecological production chain, from the gathering of yarns to the creation of the finished garment. In addition, there will be a special package in the collection, in which pleated garments will have GRS certification: the fabric used will be made from recycled plastic.

­The reworking of techniques and prints from distant cultures and ethnicities to bring them closer to ours is what underlies all of the corners of the SS 20 collection. The season transitional opens with an African tie-dye print, which is mixed with urban-inspired colours and fabrics like mesh and metallic details, creating a new interpretation of this macro trend. The hyper-coloured leather jacket and black and white knitwear with sequins are an invitation to experiment with new looks, the result of the pairing of casual, yet spirited pieces.

The study of volumes and the sleekness of Japanese aesthetics are seen in patch garments, in which beige gabardine and pleated poplin with masculine designs express a new concept of understated style, creating dynamic garments with everyday colours. The refinement of cotton takes shape with a Hokusai-style print, which makes pleated dresses and gathered tops in haute-tech jersey come to life.

Multicolour stripes and pastel shades meet in a corner where European modernity is expressed through the contrast between floral prints with young femininity and geometric textures. Animal print peeks out from inside the package, where flowing viscose dresses and fresh fluid trousers harmonise the three-dimensional nature of pleated lines.

Summer begins as full of sunshine and good vibes, through a mood that expresses Sfizio's positivity and irony: the light feeling of pleated voiles and plain silk pair with the eccentricity of prints that express themselves in a mix of lines and floral prints.

Room is given to natural fabrics like cotton poplin, which is seen in basic garments enriched with brand new details. Silhouettes are refined, comfortable and functional, and details like embroidery render even the most everyday items unique.


Enter an urban jungle, where tropical camouflage print hails a style that creates the perfect union between male and female. Urban influences such as logos and mixes of blue, orange, black and military green express the new Sfizio allure. Viscose and poplin take on a new light thanks to the application of modern and ironic prints with graphics inspired by the stylistic traits of comics.