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A combination of colours and energy finds space in the harmonious fusion of dynamic lines, volumes and refined style details.

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  1. pink flared skirt
    As low as £175.00
  2. red flared knit skirt
    As low as £263.00
  3. pleated checkered wrap skirt
    As low as £294.00
  4. pencil skirt with sequins
    As low as £413.00
  5. pencil skirt in arazzo printed velvet
    As low as £222.00
  6. pencil skirt in gobelin
    As low as £235.00

6 Items

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The skirt is the quintessence of femininity and Sfizio skirts collection is inspired actually by today's woman. Voluminous, flared and maxi length skirts are made with refined volumes, with a blend of dynamic shapes and contrasting colours. High-waisted, multi-coloured long skirts, floral patterns, jacquard fabrics with macro chevron, geometric patterns, skirts with striped or colour block prints, and pleated skirts. A collection where refined elegance and high-quality materials unite in an exclusive mix that is enhanced by unexpected details: belts, fringes, embroidery, layering, and soft pleats, for contemporary and impressive looks.