Sfizio brings Capri, a true piece of paradise, to the city.

New panoramas, new scenarios, and new lifestyles. The mind is more free, creative, lively and intelligent when we travel. The senses are amplified, emotions and sensations are authentic, and lightness is enchanting.

Inspiration for the new Spring Summer 2021 collection for the Sfizio woman comes from Capri: modern and full of personality, absolutely refined, and free. It is an emotional, sensory journey, that is full of strength and femininity.

Shades, silhouettes, and fabrics that bring the sea, the cliffs of Capri, and famous women such as Brigitte Bardot, Veruschka, and Sophia Loren with them. With its consistency of concepts, volumes, and details, this new collection seems to be the second chapter of that previous. It is a new journey that takes us to an Italian Riviera, with red-hot sand, bougainvillea forever in bloom, and the scent of maritime pines with nearly sculptural roots. Every corner turned is a postcard full of beauty and all things Italian.

This all translates into the collection, from the choice of fabrics to its colour palette. An enveloping red in perfect harmony with riviera blue, as clear as the sea that surrounds the whole island. Silk chiffon sleeves show tanned arms, while faux python details simulate the Capri lizard. Shrimp orange, peach, and mocha are reminiscent of a woman sitting at an Italian-style table. Romantic prints with a hippie-chic touch and off-the-shoulder dresses reveal the femininity of a modern, determined woman.

Total white, the quintessence of elegance, is expressed with sangallo, linen, and fresh cotton poplin. Braided ropes used as an accessory recall the tops of a sailboat moored in the deepest sea, under a sky of a thousand hues. Bougainville turns cool with a hint of magenta, while orange reminds us of a warm, mid-summer sunset: their unison has never been more glam. Lively and lush tropical prints come to life with light dresses and skirts with a 60s flair.

Sfizio Night Lab expresses itself with a new capsule collection that is full of personality. After reaffirming herself and her strength, the Sfizio woman highlights her feminine side and an erotic touch. Well-balanced volumes and shiny details have never been as exquisite, discreet, and in perfect harmony with the dress. Whether it's for an exclusive pool party or an aperitif by the sea, the right outfit exists for every occasion.


ALWAYS STAY GLAM, Sfiziolovers!!!